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Statements by affirmative from
1. She plays today.
2. I use the phone.
3. He walks in the street.
4. They eat in Burger King.
5. She runs in thehouse.
6. They are playing in my house.
7. I jump in the bed.
8. He watches the movie.
9. I break the pencil.
10. You started
Yes/No questions1. ¿Do you like France?
2. ¿Are you student?
3. ¿You speak Dutch?
4. ¿Are you Sharon?
5. ¿Can you read this book?
6. ¿Have you a car?
7. ¿Doyou like cheese?
8. ¿Can you work today?
9. ¿Are you Bob?
10. ¿Do you like Pizza?
Information Questions
1. ¿Where are you from?
2. ¿Who is Patrick?3. ¿Tell me Why?
4. ¿When are your birthday?
5. ¿Where your car?
6. ¿Who is Mr. Sinclar?
7. ¿When do you go to church?
8. ¿When to deliver thetask?
9. ¿Where you bought those shoes?
10. ¿Who is Ericka?

Sentences Using Have to/Has to
1. They have to come early.
2. You have to do the dishes.3. Andrew and John have to go to the soccer match.
4. I have to write a letter to the director.
5. We have to eat less hot dogs.
6. She has to do thehomework tonight.
7. Julia has to clean the bathroom
8. Patrick has to come before midnight.
9. My brother has to buy a new computer
10. He has a cargrey.

Statements Using Present Participle
1. She is running.
2. He is playing Tennis.
3. I’m eating chocolate.
4. She is buying clothes.
5. He isbreaking the glasses.
6. You are doing the work.
7. I’m bored.
8. She is coming to the school.
9. He is watching TV.
10. You’re selling cars.
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