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  • Publicado : 20 de mayo de 2011
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Oratory 2011: “Words are not enough”

The other day I was walking in the street and a bus passed beside me, just in that moment I saw at the back of this bus an advertisement of thebrand Watts which only had an image of a bottle. Then I realized this bottle wasn’t a common one because this one was cut in slices like a fruit. I was thirsty and hungry by that time so I thought itwould be a good idea to buy a watts’ juice and something else to eat. Therefore I went to the supermarket; the first thing I saw was a big image of a juicy orange and immediately I craved for one. AfterI bought these two things I went to my house and I turned on the TV, at that time I saw another publicity; this one was of Viajes Falabella which had different images of people relaxing at the beach,enjoying a swim bath or just feeling the pleasure of a trip. With all these experiences I realized that none of the ads I saw had words on it, but they were capable to send a strong message and caughtmy attention. Good morning Miss Clarisa and classmates, as you already know my name is Loren Mathey and I’m standing here to demonstrate why now a day’s publicity is not all about words.
Before Iget into detail lets define what actually publicity is. Publicity is the deliberate attempt to manage the public’s perception of a subject, and with deliberate I mean trying to catch someone’sattention in any way, with a combination of picture and words. Some years ago, publicity mostly used catchy phrases combined with sticky music to put them in people’s mind, but now a day’s words are notenough to catch people’s attention. Why is this happening? Today the consumer is more demanding at the time of buying any product because there is a greater range of products and brands to choose from, soconsumers are more sensitive to prices. Therefore there publicity must be strong and clear, its not enough just to put in their ads “buy this juice because is delicious”, instead they might use a...
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