Ordinary boy

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The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy
Title: The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy
Author: William Boniface
1 – 2. The best book I have ever read is the extraordinary adventures of ordinary boy (O – boy) I like this book because is about heroes. O – Boy is a normal boy without powers. It is said that in the future he might have super powers after he talks with dr. Telomere amember of the junior leaguers. O – Boy not having powers, he focuses more on intelligence making himself smarter than most people in superopolis. He is son of two heroes thermo and snowflake. And he lives in a superopolis where all his friends have power some of his friends are Stench is his best friend. He possesses super strength. He is a great person who is loyal to his friends. Tadpole -another member of the junior leaguers who has a 20 ft. long tongue that he can fully manipulate. He has a very aggresive nature and will do anything for his friends. Halogen boy - a blonde-haired hero with the power to make himself lit up like a firefly, his costume is made up of mesh that bright a lot. Plasma girl - the lone girl member of the junior leaguers, she possesses the power to transforminto a blob of plasma. In this form she can move and squeeze through the tightest of cracks. She is usually the voice of reason when all of the boys plan to do something wrong or bad; she is a necessity for the team. Superopolis is a city where superheroes protect and defend the citizens from bad forces. “Ordinary boy” and his team, the league of ultimate goodness, are always alert to dangers made byprofessor brain drain. Ordinary boy and his colleagues are busy collecting super hero trading cards when they suddenly realize that some cards are missing. Something is wrong! They try to find all the cards but one, professor brain drain. And the mad scientist himself is on the loose. Using the clues given by the tycoon a helper of the team the junior leaguers set out to find one of the threeexisting prof. Brain drain's card and stop his plan. When professor brain-drain plans a diabolical plot involving collector cards, along the way, they face fear while hanging onto truth and justice. And they discovered that the professor is the bad hero. They make justice. And superopolis is well and safe again until another villain appears.
3. I really like this book because it is fun to readabout heroes and I like adventures it is interesting because of the fiction of this book. You can read it with your family at bed time or you can read with your friends.
4. I recommend this book. You'll want this book because it is an enjoyable and fun to read, you enjoy comic book heroes, you appreciate cartoon art, with this book you will transform to another world where everything and all thepeople are heroes.
La Aventura Extraordinaria De Chico Normal (O - Boy)
1 – 2 El mejor libro que he leído es la aventura extraordinaria de chico normal (O - niño) me gusta este libro porque se trata de héroes. O - Boy es un chico normal, sin poderes. Se dice que en el futuro podría tener grandes potencias después de que las conversaciones con el dr. Telómeros un miembro de las ligas menores. O -Boy no tiene poderes, que se centra más en la inteligencia a sí mismo siendo el más inteligente que la mayoría de la gente en superopolis. Él es hijo de dos héroes térmico y copo de nieve. Y vive en un superopolis donde todos sus amigos tienen poderes, algunos de sus amigos son; hedor es su mejor amigo. Posee una gran resistencia. Es una gran persona que es leal con sus amigos. Renacuajo - otromiembro de las ligas junior que tiene una lengua de 20 pies de largo que puede manipular por completo. Tiene un carácter muy agresivo y hará cualquier cosa por sus amigos. Niño de halógeno - un héroe rubio con el poder de iluminarse como una luciérnaga, su traje se compone de una malla que brilla mucho. Plasma joven – es la chica solitaria de las ligas junior, que posee el poder de transformarse...
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