Outline de delirio

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Essay Four: Delirium
 I. Intro
A. Start off with Midas, “All stories are like a big cake, with everybody’s eyes on the piece they’re eating, and the only one who sees the whole thing is thebaker.” (It shows how everyone is caught up in the insanity, how everyone is searching for the cause, that Augustina and Colombia’s fates are slices, or a compilation of tales and voices of secrets toreveal a hidden madness)
B. Explore how madness affects levels, stages of society (political, personal)
C. Talk about how the portrait of society with corruption, instability, and obsessionD. The origins of brutality and insanity in the novel are catalyzed by internal (heredity, grandpa) influences but fueled by external (environment, society) influences. Oh, and a collectivesearch for the truth.
II. Through Characters: Internal
A. Love develops into madness
B. Structure: the plot searches backwards to find the cause of her derangement, the roots of her mentaldeterioration.
C. Painful childhood with authoritarian, brutal, cheating father abusing her younger brother and her grandpa’s delusions (violence denial, protection)
III. Through Society: ExternalA. Agustina: upper class Columbian, Augilar educator, Midas trafficker and launderer, Nicolas, tragic, traditional= pieces of society struggling (connected by this madness)
B. Politicalatmosphere with issues of class, drugs, greed
C. Escobar: presides over cocaine empire, Midas has a humble background. Them together= able to analyze narco-capitalism in Columbia.
D. Grandpa’sstory plus the modern story link the history of the systems and politics: the oligarchy.
E. “How plain your hurt is, and how much this city of yours resembles you.”
IV. Connection between the twoA. Corruption through violence, desperation, Augustina’s state of insanity and confusion mirroring that of the Colombian society?
B. “Where everyone’s at war with everyone else”
C. The fact...
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