Outline- young goodman brown

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Young Goodman Brown:
A. Setting:
1. Sallem village at england’s Massachusetts Bay Colony
B. Characters:
1. Young Goodman Brown:
a.Have a young wife called Faith, 3 months married
b. He left to show up for a meeting: a devil ceremony
c. Goodman Brown thinks he sees his fatherbeckoning him forward and his mother trying to hold him back. Before he can rethink his decision, the minister and Deacon Gookin drag him forward
d. Thenext morning Goodman Brown returns to Salem Village, and every person he passes seems evil to him. He sees the minister, who blesses him, and hears DeaconGookin praying, but he refuses to accept the blessing and calls Deacon Gookin a wizard. He sees Goody Cloyse quizzing a young girl on Bible verses and snatchesthe girl away. Finally, he sees Faith at his own house and refuses to greet her. It’s unclear whether the encounter in the forest was a dream, but for therest of his life, Goodman Brown is changed. He doesn’t trust anyone in his village, can’t believe the words of the minister, and doesn’t fully love hiswife. He lives the remainder of his life in gloom and fear
2. Faith:
a. Brown’s wife
3. 2nd traveller:
a. About 50 years old
b. Wascompanying Goodman Brown
c. “apparently in the same Rank of life as Brown”
d. “more in expression than features”
4. The man that came from the road:a. Is the devil himself
b. Is dressed normal clothing
c. Carries a walking stick
5. Goody Cloyse:
a. A respected womean from the village
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