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At the beginning of the 16th century, the Emperor Moctezuma ordered the building of his palace on the ground that later would the viceroy Palace. The construction was so spectacular that own and strangers could not more to pay tribute and admiration. Such greatness wasn't unnoticed to Hernán Cortés, who took it, along with Palace Axayacatl (father of Moctezuma) in where he hosted from 1519 to1520. However, during the conquest of Mexico, both palaces were devastated.
Between 1521 and 1524, Mexico City, under a new European Court trace is rebuilt by Cortés, orders. Between new construction for personal use, had in 1524 make a new building on the grounds of the Palace of Moctezuma, which became known as the New houses. Cortés properties were ratified by Royal Decree in 1529.
The Governmentof the Viceroyalty needed a headquarters for the Government of the new España.El 19 January 1562, the second Viceroy, don Luis de Velasco father, and Martín Cortés, son of the Conqueror, agree the sale of the new houses in 264 thousand real (equivalent to 33 thousand pesos), eight months later, the former Cortés House became the new seat of colonial power.
The building was adapted in 1563, thesecond Viceroy Luis de Velasco was the first to reside in it, along with the Royal Court and the Royal Court (which was burned in 1659) prison. Expanding its construction made its North and East.
New rooms in the side East, made that did not alter the extensive gardens and orchards that were built with over the years. Towards the end of the 17TH century, the Palace of the viceroys had the appearanceof a fortress, with two towers in the corners secured by artillery, with few Windows and "embrasures for rifle, prepared for the defence".
On 8 June 1692, 8 thousand Indians gathered in the main square to demand food. Not be heard amotinada peat decided setting fire to the residence of the viceroy. The flames ate each salons, rooms and offices of the Palace. At dawn the next day the landscape wasdesolate, solid construction, many areas were made ashes.
The new houses were rebuilt and refurbished, leaving its medieval appearance for a modern look for the time, with a Baroque style architecture. It is at this time when its splendor stops llamár you new houses and referred to as Viceroy Palace. However, the Palace faced continuous lack of budget for the work of the works, all the moneyraised by the actual taxes were sent to Spain. The reason why remained in continuous works during the 18th century, period in which also was built opposite the Cathedral.
In 1821, to be consummated the independence of Mexico after the army men, the Palace was renamed, adopting the name of Imperial Palace.
After the fall of the Empire of Iturbide in 1823, the Republic is founded and theConstitutional Congress decreed that all places on your behalf carry terms of "Real", "Viceroy" or "Imperial" would be replaced by "National". It takes the name of National Palace.
By then, the construction of the Palace already covered all the facade West to the Plaza Mayor.
New modifications to the National Palace were made. Among the most important is ordered by President Mariano Arista in 1852,which inter alia ordered the opening of the Gate Mariana, named in his honor, taking with it since three doors that Palace overlooks the Zócalo. It should be noted that before doing the Mariana gate, was there a small door prison operated until 1831.
 Benito Juárez remained an austere budget exercise in all areas of Government. Even in his personal life, as well as which led the time lived in NationalPalace. During his stay, ordered adapt the northern part of Palace for his family, use right in the more humble part and which had earlier been a jail, leaving the most elegant area of use of the offices of the Presidency, with the clear objective mark this difference between Ministers and loved ones. In its rooms where he died in 1872, was his body ensured in Hall receptions. In this same...
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