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The origin of earthquakes is in the accumulation of energy that occurs when, for rebalancing shift materials inside the Earth, from unstable conditions that result from volcanic andtectonic activities, which are mostly due to the edges plate.

Although tectonic and volcanic activity are the main causes that are generated by earthquakes, many adverse factors can originate them:     Accumulation of sediment, by: rockfalls on the slopes of the mountains, caves collapse.

     Changing rainfall regime, altering watersheds and river channels and estuaries.

     Abruptchanges in atmospheric pressure by cyclones.

These phenomena generate events of low magnitude, which usually fall in the range of microdisk: tremors detectable only by seismographs.

Effects ofearthquakes
The effects of an earthquake can be one or more of which are detailed below.

Ground motion and rupture are the main effects of an earthquake on the Earth's surface due to rubbing oftectonic plates, causing damage to buildings or structures that are rigid in the area affected by the quake. Damage to buildings depend on: a) motion intensity, b) distance between the structure and theepicenter; c) geological and geomorphological conditions that allow better wave propagation.
Landslides and mudslides

Main article: landslide.
Earthquakes, storms, volcanic activity, tidal wavesand fires can promote instability in the edges of mountains and other elevations, causing shifts in the earth.
The fire can be caused by power failure subsequently damage the gas in largecities. A notable case of this type of event is the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, where fires caused more casualties than the earthquake.
Soil Liquefaction

Main article: soil liquefaction.Liquefaction occurs when, because of the movement, water saturated material, such as sand, temporarily loses its cohesion and changes from solid to liquid. This phenomenon can lead to collapse of rigid...
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