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Parts of Speech Practice Sheet
Identify the noun(s) in each sentence. Specify whether each noun is proper or common. Ex. The ball was given to the coach.
1. New York is my favorite city. 2.My aunt went to visit her mother. 3. Jim bought a new shirt for the Broadway show. 4. George lost his shoe on the subway. 5. The Sears Tower is 110 stories tall! Common/Common__________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________

Identify the pronoun and its antecedent in each example. Specifywhether the pronoun is a personal, relative or indefinite. Ex. Henry enjoys basketball. He plays every week at the gym.
personal pronoun 1. This necklace was given to Alicia by her grandmother._________________________________________ 2. The store sells many items, but it specializes in fine jewelry. _________________________________________ 3. Many flowers have started to bloom._________________________________________ 4. To whom were you speaking? _________________________________________ 5. None of the dinner was eaten. _________________________________________

Pronouns: (cont.)
Identifythe pronoun(s) in each example. Specify if the pronoun/s are possessive, interrogative or demonstrative. Ex. The instruments were theirs.
possessive. 1. Those were the best chocolate chip cookies Ihave ever eaten! _________________________________________ 2. The suitcase that was stolen in the airport was mine. _________________________________________ 3. To whom did you address the package?_________________________________________ 4. This chair has been in her family since before the Civil War. _________________________________________ 5. Which card was given to that family?_________________________________________

Trouble with References:
Reword each sentence so the meaning of the sentence is clear for the reader. Ex. To begin each morning, she writes the day’s schedule on the...
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