Peace all around

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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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Peace is not achieved easily for world peace is even top model’s life wish. Peace has been a life time argument all around the world and as news is concerned we have not gotten close to a peace era.Peace could have different meanings to every person but somehow it all comes down to no violence. Peace is seen as a problem involving the whole world but as everything peace has roots and those arethe lack of peace in each person of the whole world. To achieve peace there should be steps in which the first is to achieve peace in one’s personal life, then in our families and societies, and thenlook at the big picture which is achieving peace worldwide.
 The lack of peace starts out our personal lives. People talk about peace when peace is the very first thing they do not have. If thosepeople want to make a change they should not talk to others about peace but instead they should go and seek peace to one’s self soul by accepting who one is and their purpose they have chosen for thisworld. Until then, until he or she really knows what it is to have peace in their lives, it is then when they should seek for peace in others and demonstrate what it really is. One can’t sell a productwithout being convinced of its use being beneficial for it is that what people look for.
 Some say that peace is all one needs, that the connection to one’s soul it is sufficient. Part of this maybe true but a vast majority also believes in the other part and end up feeling alone for it is human nature to socialize with others, to express and connect with other human souls not just with one’sown soul. It is for this that when you are looking for a house or even a mall you always look for a place where people are similar to your personality and a place of no violence. Peace in our societiesis also a step of great importance for if people in towns, in cities, or even in counties do not get along how will countries try to obtain world peace if they have not experience peace in the...
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