Peak performer

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  • Publicado : 11 de enero de 2012
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Peak Performer

To become a peak performer, there are many steps i need to follow. First of all i need to realize were am i right now, because i need to focus on a long termgoal, and the beginning of the road is were i am in these point. I need to know what are my tastes in order to go along the road were i live situations that go relatef with thingsthat i like, depending on the goal. I need to realize that all my actions and behavior throughout the journey are my responsibility. Another step is to be confident, have a highlevel of confidence and motivate me to know that i can do it. These are very important things that help me to become a great Peak Performer.

Other important aspects such astaking risks, these is very important because if you don't get out of your comfort zone you wont get to experience other things other from what you usually experience. These will giveyou chance to acquire knowledge on other things and learn more. Getting out of the comfort zone gives you confidence, experience and most importantly you get new skills. And youneed to remember that the little steps that you take through the road will result in big results. These are another set of important aspects to take on account to be a PeakPerformer.

A peak performer has many characteristics, as shown before but some important ones are like for example, be always motivated to overcome the barriers that are faced in theroad to success. You have to realize that you have to do things with passion in order to do them right. You need to realize that making mistakes is normal but you need to keepgoing on. It is important to have positive and realistic thoughts so that you keep on the right track. Anyone can become a peak performer, you just need to believe in yourself.
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