Peer conversation

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Conversation Starters American- International Peer Partnership Program
After a few meetings, you may feel like you have nothing to talk about. Here are some ideas...
Family Life Tell me about yourfamily. Who all lives in your home? Do you have brothers or sisters? What are their names/ ages? What do your parents do for work? Did they go to college? What do you do for fun with your family? Isit common for people in your country to keep pets? What kinds of pets are common? Do you have any pets at home? When is your birthday? How do people in your country celebrate birthdays? Are giftsgiven? How do people in your country celebrate marriages? What other holidays are celebrated in your country? Do you have special traditions (such as certain food you eat, or places you go) for theseholidays? What does your family do for vacation? Do you travel often together? Daily Life What is your favorite food? What do you think of the college cafeteria food? Can you cook? What is the main meal ofthe day in your country? What do people in your country eat for breakfast? What are some traditional items you eat often? Describe your hometown. How many people live there? Are there many industriesthere? Are there many tourists? Are there mountains, rivers, or farms near your home? Do you prefer living in large cities, small towns or in the country? Describe the weather in your hometown. Doyou have four distinct seasons? Does it snow heavily in the winter? What do you do in the winter? Have you ever been skiing, sledding, ice-skating? Describe the main holidays/ festivals in your homecountry. How do people greet each other in your country (e.g., bow, handshake, kiss)? How are the women in your country treated or expected to act in your country as compared to men? What kinds of jobsto women have? Education What courses are you taking/ have you taken in college that you really love or hate? Did you study at a college before you came to Marietta College? Tell me about it. Do you...
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