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There are a number of softphones available for use with Elastix. Some of them are free.
Following are 2 examples of the free softphones.

6.1 COUNTERPATH X-LITE SOFTPHONEX-Lite Softphones can be downloaded here:

After installing the softphone (assuming that users can install the softphone), we need to
configure thesofphone.
When you start X-Lite 3 for the first time, you will see the following screen.
Click the Add button.
You will then get the following screen.
This is where you will enter your credential
Atthe various fields, add the following:
• Display Name: Your Name
• User Name: Your extension number
• Password: The password of the
extension when you created it in Elastix
• Authorization Username: The same as
your User Name or extension
• Domain: Your Elastix IP address

Put a check mark in the Register with domain
and receive incoming calls
Make sure the Target Domain Radio Buttonis
For this purpose, that’s all you need to do and Click apply, OK and close at the next
screen. You are now ready to use the X-Lite softphone.

Sometime it is necessary to change theHonor setting in X-Lite for it to work correctly. To
do this, you would need to go to the advance setting of X-lite.

Those using X-Lite having this problem may have to make the following correction inthe
advance setting of X-Lite.
How to get to the advance setting?
In X-lite:
Dial ***7469 (SEND)
This will bring up the advanced settings window
Filter for honor
Double click on the honorentry and change the value to 1

Please make sure to check the Use local IP Address Radio Button in
the Topology window, under the Firewall Transversal Section.
Also under theAdvanced Settings window the Reregister value must be
set to a 90 seconds value.

Call Forward
This is pretty simple to set-up. To forward an unanswered call to this extension, all
you need to do is...
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