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Lesson Plan Format
High School

Teacher R. Antonio Rios RodarteFirst Grade A / Oxford / Level 2Contract 1 – 5 class hours per weekAugust 16 to September 20th. 2010 |General Objective: * To earn communication skills to describe places, comparing countries, planning trips, describing buildings, and making differences on human resources. Using daily socialactivities, presentations, flash cards, interaction games, and class discussions. |
Grammar Contents: * Simple Present * Present Progressive * There is / there are * Recycle:suggestions * Some and any * How many......? How much.....? * Apostrophes * Recycle: Simple Present, there is there are | Can do statements: * Can describe places, discuss about a song, talkabout people’s homes and differences between counties, describing people’s appearance, make interviews about life styles, and discuss about charities. * Can write an e mail, comparisons of homes,a short letter and a proposal * Can read a tourist brochure, a web site, some magazine articles, a pamphlet, and a advertisement. * Can listen and understand a job interview, a song aboutMozambique, conversations, a radio show and advertisement, people discuss about a competition entry. |
Bloom’s Levels | | | | | |
Learning Strategies |
Project:”The ThreeMusketeers”Objective:Read the novel and make an essay Products: 1. 2. lesson plan and exercises (written) 3. class delivery (oral)Associated Areas:Computer TechnologyDate of delivery: TBD (Ss will meet withelementary teaching staff) | Learning Evidence: * Mind maps and any other graphic organizer * Writing assignments such as summaries, essays, cards, letters, poems, reports. * Models * PowerPointpresentations * Collages * Recorded conversations, clips, interviews, broadcasts, TV and radio programs * Posters * Tests * Drawings * Videos * Games * Pamphlets and brochures |...
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