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Hugh Jackman

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It worked for Wolverine
B. C. trainer put actor Hugh Jackman through tough regimen for X-Men By LORRAYNE ANTHONY The Canadian Press
AFTER WHIPPING Hollywood hunk Hugh Jackman into even better shape for his X-Men 3 role as Wolverine, trainer Steve Ramsbottom fine-tuned his workout regimen for other people who want to add muscle mass while keeping the body lean andagile. "When Hugh came in - he's a pretty fit guy already - I stuck to my philosophy and did an assessment and asked him his goals," said Ramsbottom from his gym, the Performance Institute in Burnaby , B.C. "Hugh is a dream client." While the rigorous Wolverine workout is sure to garner results, it has to be tweaked for those who aren't able to train more than five days a week for five months fortheir big role. "They are unrealistic goals in that not everyone has the body type that can achieve that level," said Lorraine Hendry, manager of physiotherapy at the University of Ottawa 's Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy Centre. She said that when people are motivated to get fit - at the beginning of a new year or after hearing about a workout used by Hollywood stars - they tackle it with avengeance. AS SEEN IN; 24 Hours Metro Discovery Health Med Broadcast Telus The Chronicle Herald The Hamilton Spectator CTV Yahoo The Calgary Sun Edmonton Sun Show Biz Data MSN Okanagan Classified Canoe Network

When they don't see results right away, they get frustrated and often quit. Or worse, they take on too much and injure themselves. Hendry, a member of theCanadian Physiotherapy Association, said that if people start slowly to attain their fitness goals they tend to have better luck seeing them come to fruition. Often people will join a gym or hire a personal trainer to help get them started. Once you find a club and trainer with whom you are comfortable, Ramsbottom said a physical assessment is the first order of business. The process should takejust under an hour and the trainer should ask you about specific goals. While fitness assessments can vary from gym to gym and trainer to trainer, Ramsbottom is quite specific. He looks at body composition which includes skin-fold testing to measure body fat, posture and alignment of the pelvis to see if there will be any back issues. He also looks at flexibility, core strength, aerobic andanaerobic testing. This allows trainers to understand where the body is at before you embark on a program. As for Jackman, he wanted to get leaner and put on more muscle. No one would believe Wolverine as a less-than-sleek mutant with powerful limbs behind his knife-like appendages. The first thing Ramsbottom did was get Jackman into two different phases of weight training. The first phase was focused onbuilding muscle mass by altering the tempo or speed of the lift. Ramsbottom had Jackman lift the weight to a three-second count up and then a one-second count down. "It's a lot more difficult and what it does is it increases the time under tension that you have on that muscle so you force adaptation and force breakdown in the actual muscle and, in turn, it ends up growing," said Ramsbottom, whoadded Jackman gained 15 pounds of muscle during the training. The second phase focused on maximum strength where Jackman was lifting really heavy weights, without any attention to tempo. The goal of this phase is to increase strength, as opposed to mass.


Hugh Jackman

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Each phase lasted from six to 12 weeksdepending on results and then was repeated. During each phase, Jackman would lift weights for one to two hours, five days a week. But during the last week of the phase, Jackman would lift only one day and fill the other days with yoga, pilates, running and stretching. But Wolverine isn't supposed to look like a bodybuilder. "It's a very athletic role that he has to play. So he needs to look the part...
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