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  • Publicado : 4 de noviembre de 2010
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Renzo Lau
Anxiety Disorders
The following article published by Psychology and Psychiatry, discuses the impact of emotion in trauma survivors. When describing trauma, it relates topsychological or physical trauma, thus referring to a particular incident or accident that may involve oneself or someone who experienced a very threatening experience. It is relevant to observe howposttraumatic individuals react in different environments in order to acknowledge their behavior and understand their mentality. This article tries to examine how trauma survivor reacts to emotionaldistractors and how it influences their cognitive performance. According to a study from Zurich, Switzerland, ¨"Cognitive theories of anxiety disorders postulate an increased attentional bias toenvironmental cues associated with threat that underlies the exaggerated fear response.¨ This study intents to examine the response of posttraumatic stress individual in relation to their surroundings andtheir emotional state. Neurology plays a very important role on how this can impact these survivors. Therefore it is essential to observe how susceptible these individuals respond to theirsurroundings and how it affects their emotional condition.
When these life changing events occurs, it is very common that certain people have difficulty coping with reality and their surroundings. This iswhere the concept of post-traumatic stress disorder comes into place. This is a type of anxiety disorder that tends to develop to people who have been exposed to these kinds of incidents. There are avariety of causes that may lead to this trauma such as emotional or sexual abuse, addictions, medical implications, assault, kidnapping, and war for example. These experiences cause a very damagingeffect on some people because they undergo changes in their brain and body which may lead to several disorders like depression. Studies are carried out on a regular basis to develop new medications and...
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