Percy jackson

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  • Publicado : 18 de junio de 2011
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Percy Jackson And
The Lightning Thief
Okay first my review starts like this : Percy Jackson is a demigod that means her mom was married to a god which isPoseidon the god of the seas ;at the beginning Percy doesn´t know what he is (demigod) and he hasn’t seen his mom for like a year , she left him at Yancy High School ,toprotect him because the more he knew about himself and who he was the more monsters he attracted ,because Luke the son of Hermes the messenger of all gods hatesevery god there exists in Olympus so he invented a rumor that Percy Jackson stole the lightning bolt from Zeus so there would be war in Olympus ,but here´s the thingPercy doesn´t know about this rumor ,that’s why the more he knew about who he was the more monsters knew who this “Percy Jackson” was ,that’s why all kinds ofmonsters knew who Percy was and they wanted the lightning bolt from him because they (monsters) thought Percy had it ;so Percy starts getting into a big mess becausemonsters kept attacking him and if he didn´t return the bolt before the summer solstice there would be war in Olympus.
But oh surprise, Percy didn´t steal thelightning bolt, it was Luke, he was only using Percy so that there would be war.
Finally, there is a happy ending (as always) Percy found Luke and beat him with his waterpowers and returned the bolt to Zeus (in Olympus) ,there was no war ,and everything came back to normal (yippee!).
My Conclusion
The thing that was different fromthe movie is that Hades had Percy´s mother trapped in the Infraworld or something like that (I don´t know how is called),and Percy tried to rescue her.