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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2010
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Once upon a time many years ago in Northern Ireland a father named Duborchu who had two sons named Peredur and Aelai, and they lived near a monastery peacefully. But one day on the horizon appearedthe Vikings and before being caught, the father instructs Peredur to flee and take care of his brother, also gives a torque (A kind of necklace that range of a Celtic Warrior) and his father gives theblessing and tells him to be brave because his veins blood of the brave Cu Chulainn who belonged to the torque that gave.
Peredur and his brother fled into the forest by wandering for six days. Inthat sixth day, Peredur hear a melodious voice and a harp. Peredur notes for a beautiful lady in an abandoned church playing the harp, she had red hair and a beautiful green silk dress. Peredur thinksshe is an angel and when she looks up Peredur scared flees.
Peredur and his brother reach Temair where the King Rinnich has his warriors fighting in a competition to see who is the best. Peredur ispresented to the king and asks to be included in your warriors but the king sent him with servants. When Peredur is about to leave the place, the king is set at toruqe leading to neck and thinks heis not worthy of such distinction, King thinks that Peredur has stolen the torque of Cu Chulainn. To prove he is worthy Peredur faces in competition with the best warrior king and Peredur wins. Tiredof the competition day Peredur goes to bed and in his dreams Peredur returned to see the lady's harp. when he woke up he decides to go to the search for the lady leaving the care of her brother's cloakand torque.
The church is the beautiful lady and asks if she's an angel, She replies with a smile that she is Liadain, Cain Bile Harpist thath Red Fallingwater in Es Ruaid. She tells him that shesaw him in his dreams, then they fall in love.
While in the camp Rinnich the alarm sounds. 10 boats have been sighted laden Norwegian Vikings. The battle will begin and the king wants the presence of...
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