Perpetual angst

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  • Publicado : 14 de junio de 2011
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Holden often behaves like a prophet or a saint, pointing out the phoniness and wickedness in the world around him. Is Holden as perfect as he wants to be? Are there instances where he is phony andfull of hypocrisy? What do these moments reveal about his character and his psychological problems?
The answer of these questions requires a profound analysis of the Catcher in the Rye, which would beimpossible without the Holden character. Holden is the eternal teenager, it´s figure and character is the quintessential representation of a teenager, a normal one. It is a consolidation and ending toall the mayor literary portrayals of teenagers, such as Tom Sawyer, however Holden takes the whole experience of adolescent to more intimate level, to a level where the reader can found and browselike in a library many experiences, sentiments, thoughts and actions that are common in the teenager´s day a day.
Holden identification and success as a literary creation, lies in this, in theuniversality that has, which ironically, one of its main elements is Holden´s life in a specific place, in America, as an American teenager. Here lies, I believe the universality of Holden´s as a character,what makes him the eternal teenager, is the difficulty translated into angst, which at the same time it translates into indifference, the difficulty that brings being an adolescent in an adultcontext, much more settled in Holden´s times. Above all, being an adolescent in a certain context, in a world, in a place, in a world which seeks more and more institutions, authorities, normalization ofhuman activities and behavior. Such efforts reverb on Holden´s through his parents, teachers, classmates and even taxi drivers, prostitutes and pimps, and Holden, who wants to stay in a hanging commodityjumping conveniently between childhood and adulthood, clashes with this ideas and finds himself isolated, alienated from a world he wants to see imperfect, lousy but in reality it´s very organized....
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