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PHRASAL VERBS ACT up 1. misbehave (for people). "The babysitter had a difficult time. The children acted up all evening." 2. not work properly (for machines)."My car has been acting up lately." ADD up 1. logically fit together, make sense. "His theory is hard to believe, but his research adds up." 2.find the total. "What's the total of those bills? Could you add them up and see?" add up to tototal. "The bills add up to $734.96. That's more than I expected!" ASK out: ask for a date."Nancy has a new boy friend. Joe asked her out last night." Ask after: ask for news of: Jim asked after you yesterday120 BACK down/off : not follow a threat, yield in an argument. "Tom was going to call the police, but he backed down (backed off) when I said I'd pay for the damages." back up 1. drive a vehiclebackwards (in reverse)."Back your car up so I can open the garage door." 2. confirm a story, facts."If you don't believe me, talk to Dave. He'll back me up." 3. make a "protection" copy "It's a good thing to back your files up.(computer)" Bargain for: take into account: we hadn’t bargained for the traffic and arrived late. Bear out: confirm the truth his alibi was borne out by her sister. BEG offdecline an invitation; "At first Lily said she would be at the party. Later she begged off." BLOW up 1.inflate."We need lots of balloons for the party. Will you blow them up?" 2.explode. "The construction company used dynamite to blow the building up." 3. suddenly very angry. "When I told Jerry that I'd had an accident with his car, he blew up." BONE up on review / study thoroughly for a shorttime. "If you're going to travel to Peru, you'd better bone up on your Spanish." BRANCH out ampliar la gama we need to branch out into other areas. BREAK down 1. separate something into component parts. Analyze. When we broke the total cost down, we spent more on cleaning supplies than food." 2. stop working / functioning."Sharon will be late. Her car broke down on the freeway." 3. Tirar Thefirefighters had to break the door down to rescue the little girl. 4. lost control of emotions: he broke down and wept when he heard the news break in 1. break into-enter by using force (and breaking a lock, window, etc.) Someone broke in (broke into Jane's apartment) while Jane was at the movies." 2. wear sth new until it's comfortable. I hope it doesn't take too long to break the shoes in." 3. train;get s.o. accustomed to a new routine. The manager hasn't scheduled much time for breaking me in my new job." break off: stop talking After two hours of hard work, we decided to break off for a little cup of coffee. break out: begin suddenly: the war broke out unexpectedly. break up 1. end, disperse; scatter."What time did the party break up last night?" break up with: end a personal relationship.Julie broke up with Tim! Their marriage broke up. BRING about: cause to happen the crisis was brought about by him Bring/ take back: return sth."This book is due tomorrow. I’ll take (bring) it back to the library."


Bring forward adelantar we’ll bring the meeting forward from Friday to Monday bring off: accomplish/succeed sth difficult; No one thought he could get an A, but he brought itoff. Bring on: 1. cause the onset of an illness. sitting in the damp brought on his rheumatism 2. cause trouble to happen. you have brought this on yourself Bring out sacar We intend to bring out a new product next year. bring round: influence sb to a point of view. I brought the committee round to my p.v. bring up 1. mention (as a topic of discussion). "Why didn't someone bring that topic up?"2.raise; rear. "Lucy's parents died when she was a baby. Her grandparents brought her up." BRUSH up on review / study thoroughly for a short time. "If you're going to travel to Peru, you'd better brush up on your Spanish." Build up levanter It took hard work to build up this company from nothing BURN down become destroyed / consumed by fire. Note: For upright things--trees, buildings, etc.-only." Mr....
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