Phrasal verbs

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Two of them really stand out from the others.
I think we should keep out of that field.
I´m locked out!
Everyone is enjoying themselves and I´m missing out.
It is anabsolute tragedy that so many wonderful species are just dying out.
I have some complicated instructions that I want you to carry out.

And there are also those who are not cut out to be full-timeparents.

Escape ( Three prisoners broke out of jail last night and are still on the run.
Put something in the rubbish ( Do we need this old books or shall we throw them out?
Leave ( I couldn´tget out of work until nine o´clock because I was so busy.
Distribute ( Can I hand some invitations out? I´m having a party next week.
Be in a relationship ( Sarah´s been going out with Ian for sixmonths now.


I didn´t know they were criminals and they stole a lot of money from me. I was completely taken in.
The printer isn´t working – it isn´t plugged in.
So make sure that youallow plenty of time to help your child settle in


Mark and Steve get on well together. They are great friends.
Click on the icon at the top of the page.
A young person needs a goodeducation to get on in live.


Have a successful result ( They worked very hard and eventually the project came off!
To another place ( There was a problem in Alaska, se we sent Julia off tofix it.
Not at work ( I took the day off because there wasn´t much todo in the office.
To cancel/remove ( The company is laying off six hundred staff because there isn´tenoug work.
To cancel/remove (We realised that they were never going to pay the money, so we wrote the debt off.
Have a successful result ( He had a very stressful year, but his hard work paid off when they asked him to be thenew boss.

I was so poor that I lived off rice. It was all I ate.
The match is kicking off in five minutes.
We are setting off at 5pm. That´s when we are leaving.
The explorers have started off...
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