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1. Based on the principle of interactionism, what activity do you plan to help students from secondary and primary school to learn a series of vocabulary about vacation and democracy? Specify the level of the student.

Primary school- Topic Vacation
Sixth grade
I will a plan a game “Bingo”, in which they will receive a card with eight words about vacation. Then they will hear the teacher tella sentence using different words from the vocabulary. If they have the word in their card they have to mark the cell. (You will need as many cards as students in and the order of the word has to be different) Win who fills the card. It is important that teacher use sentences and not isolated words.
For example:





Room Service



Here, there are examples of the vocabulary can be use:
hotel – access - wakeup call -lobby –sauna- breakfast-pool- fitness center- credit card -spa available-Internet -bellboy security- luggage- passport-breakfast-double room -Internet - bellboy security-Receptionist-passport.
And here some examples of sentences:
Yes, I would like a room for tonight.
Do you have any doublerooms available?
Yes , please. Breakfast for two people.
Do your rooms have Internet access?
We would also like to use the sauna, pool and spa.
Do you have a fitness center?
Will you ask the bell boy to take our luggage to our room?
I will need a wakeup call tomorrow morning at 7:30.
Secondary school- Topic Vacation
Tenth grade
Teacher will give to students the following worksheet. Theyhave to complete the written park and then they have to make a role play on the second activity.

A. Look at Olivier's holiday photos from his trip to England.
Write the correct words in the text. The numbers correspond to the numbers in the photo.
“Last month our class spent a week touring England. We took the (I) ................ and the crossing wasn't too rough. For the first few nights westayed in a little (2) .....................with a nice (3). ............... We travelled around the country in a (4) .................., and we had a really funny (5) ............... called Rex. My favorite day was when we rented (6) ............... and cycled through the countryside in North Devon. The (7)........................ was breathtaking. We visited London, of course, where we saw lotsof (8) ............... and did lots of (9) .....................- and we saw the Thames too. We tried some (10) .....................every day - my favorite was the fish and chips we had during our excursion to Windsor. On our last night Rex organized a big party with a group of secondary school students so we could enjoy some English (1 1)...................”

B. Imagine a class of Englishstudents is coming to tour our country. Suggest some ideas for their holiday and then share them with the class by means of a role play. You can use the following points as a guide.

 Some interesting towns/cities to visit are:
 Some beautiful scenery in my country can be found in:
 The local specialties to try are:
 Some places to see/visit for sightseeing are:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Primary school- Topic Democracy (warm up)
Sixth grade
The teacher will paste some words related to democracy around the class. The following definitions are going to be in balloons, students will make two groups, the balloons are going to be paste around the on the board, and they have to throw a dart and try to get one balloon, theywill read the definition and try to guess the word that belongs to. They can get help from the words around the class.
1. The institution through which a society makes and enforces its public policies
2. All of the goals a government sets and the various courses of action it pursues as it attempts to realize these goals.
3. The power to make law and to frame public policies
4. The power to...
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