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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2010
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Tipes of change in Pigmallion

People change. That is obvious, but there are different types of change; the change of living place,of friends… but in this book the change is about the personality of some people who take part on the story, mainly Eliza (theflower-woman) and Doolittle (his father).
The starting situation of both is very similar; they two live in a poor place of London and each onemakes what he cans for living. But one day Eliza is choosed as an experiment of a man with money and without scruples. From this momentEliza, his father and even his teacher start to difference from each other; Eliza starts the changing for the formation she is beenreceiving, the father does not change a lot and the teacher change for the situation he is living. Even Eliza is been educated for acting likea princess, she fails his first test because it is too difficult to do an artificial change. That is why she does not success until shefeels she is a princess. On the other side, Doolittle, does not change because he does not want it. In the last chapters we see that heis going to get married, but after a few lines we notice that his unique change is the wearing, he is the same as always.
Finally, inthe middle point is the teacher, who changes not because he wants not because he is pushed, he changes because of the environment.
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