Piramides egipcias

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  • Publicado : 9 de diciembre de 2010
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The pyramids of Egypt built more than 4 000 years, are the most ancient wonders built by the man who still remain. These archaeological monuments that continueto amaze archaeologists from around the world were built as tombs for the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, were a monument which is to honor the glory of the pharaoh. Inpredynastic times of Egyptian culture was to preserve the body of their rulers since they thought that in this way the sovereign claimed the life after death,then found out the bodies in the sand using adobe and brick with which they made a rectangular structure in which the ruler buried with tools and valuable jewelry.But over time these graves were discovered and plundered by thieves so that the Egyptians tried a multitude of methods for thieves to put out a very popularmethod was a curse to those who plunder the tombs. These methods do not work very well, so the IV Dynasty pharaoh began to build the pyramids which were to be theirgraves. The pyramid was designed to inviolable sovereign's tomb, for the eternal preservation of your body, uncorrupted by embalming, and their grave goods. as weknow what ancient Egyptians believed that their ruler the pharaoh was a god-king they built these huge tombs in honor of his glory and and also these werereflections of the great political power that had the pharaoh. to protect the body of the pharaoh of looters were built secrets corridors, false doors, cameras and ofcourse twin curses in this way is difficult for the robbery of the tombs but still achieved their objectives looters looting and vandalizing since ancient times.
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