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The ultimate gift
Film review - The ultimate gift it’s a movie that take place in North Carolina. That treats about a grandfather that wants tochange his grandson Jason to a mature man, by giving him some lessons of life that along the way are sometimes hard, complicated, and always unexpected, but they all add up to the ultimate gift: turningJason a mature man. Red announces that Jason will receive the "ultimate" gift, but first must satisfactorily complete a series of twelve tasks I think. What Jason doesn't realize is that the tasks arethe gifts. They are meant to challenge him, make him think and force him into critical examination of himself. At a ranch in Texas, for example, he learns the gift of hard work and the satisfaction ofdoing something yourself and doing it right. When he run out of his money, his trendy entourage falls away, and he discovers what a real friends is. And at the bedside of a critically ill little girlnamed Emily, he learns the true meaning of family. And also Jason learns to forgive his grandfather.
The ultimate gift, for me it’s an interesting drama movie. I think that this movie let me amessage of how to value the things that I have like my family, my friends, money etc…
I think this movie also can be an example for life. For example valuing all the things around me like my family totreat them with respect and having fun with them also with my friends and not giving so much importance to the money having things more important as the family, the real friends and other things.The movie also has some fun parts that keep me interested in the movie and not boring me. I think the acting was really good they dominate my attention the whole course of the movie, and theenvironments like the jungle in Ecuador I think that was amazing.
I think the movie: the ultimate gift is a very interesting drama movie that keeps the audience enjoying the whole movie...
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