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❖ Use this page to design a nice cover for your plan

❖ Use a photograph of your product or of someone performing your service – replace our logo below.

❖ This of this as a cover of your brochure – make it attractive to an investor or lender.



Your slogan here

❖ We recommend purchasing sets of colored index tabs [1-10] and using them to organize your businessplan – align the numbers with the tabs and delete this comment to make this page fit to one page.

❖ I once was on a panel of judges for the Moot Corp Business Plan Competition. I was given a pile of business plans to review before we were given the presentations (judging was based upon the plan as well as the presentation). The one that stood out was the one with the nice colored tabs… Icouldn’t resist choosing it to read first. Later, during a break in the presentations, I asked the other judges on our panel, all of them prominent Venture Capitalists, “this may seem silly, but I couldn’t help but pick up the plan with the tabs… what did you think?” Every one of them nodded in agreement that they too were drawn to the plan with colorful tabs… This is your index page keyed to yourtabs.

❖ Adjust the order of the headings to match your business plan!

❖ Remove these green comments and your page will properly align!

Executive Summary 1

Market Analysis 2

Product / Service 3

Business Model 4

Competition 5

Marketing Strategy 6

Management Team 7

Present Situation 8

Financial Model 9

Conclusion & Summary 10

❖ Sample Title Page. Edit anduse as the first page of your business plan.

❖ Have you watched the video? Burke Franklin speaks to a group of Silicon Valley engineers about, “The Thinking Behind Your Business Plan.” ( C:\Program Files\JIAN\BizPlanBuilder\Business Planning Video

[Company Legal Name]

Business Plan

[month and year issued]


Business Plan Copy Number

❖ This copy number is for yourtracking purposes only.

❖ Only number the copies given to investors because they may wonder how many people are looking at your deal—if their copy number is high, they may think that many people have seen your plan and passed (why?)

❖ Write the number in by hand before sending or giving your plan to an investor.

❖ Use the included “Investor Tracking” spreadsheet to follow up withpotential investors.

❖ "The past is a guidepost, not a hitching post." - Thomas Holcroft


Founder & Chief Executive Officer


[City], [State] [Postal Code]


[fax] fax

[mobile] mobile

This document contains

Confidential & Proprietary Information

belonging exclusively to [Company].

This is a business plan. It does not imply anoffering of Securities.

❖ Print your business plan double-sided.

❖ Leave this page blank so it doesn’t show through the back of your title page…

❖ The first page your readers see will be the Table of Contents on the following page.

Table of Contents

❖ The BizPlanBuilder engine updates page numbers automatically.

❖ AFTER you have completed your plan, choose the AssemblePlan Preview option in the File menu. BizPlanBuilder will assemble all the elements you have checked in the index into a complete plan preview.

❖ On humility: When you are right, be humble – it will help the other person. When you are wrong, be humble – it will help you.

❖ In Plan Preview, review the plan, and when you are satisfied, select Save Assembled Plan as…. Follow the on-screeninstructions. Be sure to create a new folder for your plan, and remember to open the folder before you click Save. (Some word processors open the folder automatically for you.)

❖ As you save your plan, the Table of Contents updates automatically, and “Error! Bookmark not defined,” will be replaced by the correct page numbers.

❖ In Word, push the F9 key to update the Table of Contents....
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