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  • Publicado : 20 de octubre de 2010
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Diego Alexander Caicedo Cárdenas

Blitz Games Studios / United Kingdom

|Please do this research on a government, Ngo´s or a company, the one you may work out of home land. Do this research onthe net. |
|Is a workshop go over the organization in a country. Doing this you will set the purpose of the week. |
|Traveling to foreign countries andserving as an ambassador &Understanding the history and trends of overseas markets |

|Research: check list |Do ant don’ts:your strategy |
| Your will, your strategies |You will make a difference to do a nice performance, tell me how,at least one|
|Question and answer |strategy on each to get success |
|Country and organization, whoqualifies,? |Blitz Games Studios / United Kingdom |
|Career options |Thiscompany would be really important for my career because it has presence |
| |in all Europe and some other countries, and has a bignumber of different |
| |departments which helps me to learn about different things and countries |
|Employmentopportunities |The opprtunities can be as a game deisgner, in publicity department, or |
||financial, sales or just managing and creating new ideas to make this company |
| |much more profitable than already is....
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