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Doris: A Dog’s Life
Yo, Aesop! Get a Load of These Fables
By Paul Rosenthal Characters: Narrator 1, Narrator 2, Narrator 3, Doris, Dog, Flea From

Narrator 1: An old dog made a big mistake. Hemoved in with a dreadful girl named Doris who wore pink sneakers and chewed gum.

Narrator 2: The dog had met Doris in the park. She seemed nice enough at the time. She threw sticks, scratched himbehind the ears, and said things like “nice doggy”—which wasn’t exactly brilliant conversation, but was kindly meant.

Narrator 3: So the dog followed Doris home. When they got there, she begged herparents to let him stay.

Doris: “I’ll feed it,”

Narrator 1: she promised.

Doris: “I’ll walk it, wash it, and brush it every day. And if you don’t say ‘yes,’ I’ll hold my breath until Iexplode.”

Narrator 1: Doris’s parents thought it over for a while. At last they said yes. Probably they didn’t want bits of exploded Doris all over the furniture.

Narrator 2: Once Doris had the dog,however, she didn’t do anything that she had promised. She didn’t walk it. She didn’t play with it. She certainly didn’t wash and brush it.

Narrator 3: Before very long, the miserable animal was amess—a tangle of hair and fleas. Mainly fleas. Word quickly got around the neighborhood that if any flea wanted a snack, it should stop by Doris’s house.

Narrator 1: One evening, the dog was doing whathe did every evening: lying on the hall rug and scratching. He scratched and scratched and scratched some more until finally a flea fell out of his fur and onto the floor.

Dog: “Ha! Gotcha! Nowwatch while I bite you in two.”

Narrator 2: The dog opened his mouth and bared his teeth.

Flea: “Gimme a break,”

Narrator 3: said the flea.

Dog: “I will give you a break. Right down yourmiddle.”

Flea: “Look, you’re making a big mistake. You strike me as a dog that needs a pal. And I can be that pal. Let me live, and I promise that if I can ever help you out, I will. Bite me in...
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