Planificacion de adverbs

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  • Publicado : 13 de noviembre de 2011
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Comments: LESSON PLAN Nº:__8___
School: __Liceo 1 “Javiera Carrera” Class: 3º K Book: Magic Teens (MT) Unit: __2__ Time: 90_____ Date: _6 /05____
Entry Behaviour:-_Present Simple, PastSimple, adjectives, etc.____________________________________________________________

General Objective: _STS should be able to use adverbs of manner in their written and oralforms___________________________________________________
OFT_______Valorar la creación artística___________________________________________________

_____________________________________________|Specific objective |Contents |Methodology |Activities |Materials|Evaluation |Time |
|To remember contents seen last class |Advs. & DegreeAdvs. |T asks STS which are the Advs. Seen last class |STS say which the Advs are. |( WB |Informal |7|
|To identify the structure | |T shows handout and asks STS to describe them | |(Marker | | |
| |Adverbs of manner and Degree Adverbs |T writes the answer in the WB|STS describe them |(handout |Informal |7 |
|To get familiarized with the new structure |...
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