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The plant operator Tokyo Electric Fukushima Nuclear Power (TEPCO), confirmed the discovery of plutonium in the soil of the sectors shackled by the earthquake of March 11, raisingthe alarm about the nuclear crisis gripping the Japan country struggling to contain the worst crisis in 25 years global atonic.

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Japan confirms releaseof plutonium in nuclear power plant in Fukushima
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Japan confirms release of plutoniumin nuclear power plant in Fukushima
Tuesday's events as long aggravated the struggle against time to repair the damage in five of the six reactors at the plant after the naturaldisaster left far more than 11 thousand people dead and around 17 000 339 missing.

TEPCO vice president, Sakae Muto, apologized to the company by issuing warning signals. Howeverindicated that the level of plutonium 238, 239 and 240 is not dangerous to human health, ensuring that the repair work will stop for that cause.

TEPCO acknowledged knowing theexact provenance of plutonium, as he said is not clear which of the five points identified is the real cause of the issue, however, pointed out that two points could be more closelyrelated. Comment complemented with input from analysts who indicated that plutonium could come from the atmosphere or the spent fuel pellets in the damaged Fukushima reactor or threeof the plant.

RATE: For its part, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) convened an extraordinary summit in Vienna next June, which addressed major issues of nuclear.
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