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Documento de la Arquitectura del Software


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Tabla de Contenido

1. Introducción 2
1.1 Propósito 2
1.2 Alcance 2
1.3 Definiciones, Acrónimos y Abreviaturas 2
1.4 Referencias 2
1.5 Resumen 2

3. Diagrama de Navegabilidad (Flujo de Procesos) 2

4. RepresentaciónArquitectónica DAO, MVC 2

5. Objetivos y Restricciones de Arquitectura LIMITES DIAGRAMA DE CLASES. 2

6. Vista de Casos de Uso CUADROS 2

7. Vista Lógica MVC 2
7.1 Resumen 2
7.2 Paquetes de Diseño Significativos dentro de la Arquitectura 2
7.3 Realizaciones de los Casos de Uso 2

8. Vista de Procesos. 2


10. Vista deImplantación 2
10.1 Resumen 2
10.2 Capas 2

11. Vista de Datos (opcional) DIAGRAMA E.R. 2


13. Calidad. CAMBIOS BRUSCOS 2
Documento de la Arquitectura del Software


[The introduction of the Software Architecture Document provides an overview of the entire SoftwareArchitecture Document. It includes the purpose, scope, definitions, acronyms, abbreviations, references, and overview of the Software Architecture Document.]

1 Propósito

This document provides a comprehensive architectural overview of the system, using a number of different architectural views to depict different aspects of the system. It is intended to capture and convey the significantarchitectural decisions which have been made on the system.

[This section defines the role or purpose of the Software Architecture Document, in the overall project documentation, and briefly describes the structure of the document. The specific audiences for the document is identified, with an indication of how they are expected to use the document.]

2 Alcance

[A briefdescription of what the Software Architecture Document applies to; what is affected or influenced by this document.]

3 Definiciones, Acrónimos y Abreviaturas

[This subsection provides the definitions of all terms, acronyms, and abbreviations required to properly interpret the Software Architecture Document.  This information may be provided by reference to the project’s Glossary.]

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