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  • Publicado : 21 de febrero de 2011
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Maria Paula Crespo
Martha Pico
20 February 2011
A dreamed place inside the moutains
It may seem unreal to find a place where you can feel totally renovated, but close your eyes andstart imagining it because it does exist. Ecuador is a place which has a lot of variety, not only cultural diversity, but a wide range of climates and combinations of flora and fauna not seen in anyother place of the world. Talking more specifically about Ecuadorian mountains, there is a peculiar one which is the Volcano Cotopaxi. It is internationally known not only because it is said to be theworld´s biggest active volcano, but also because of it´s amazing flora.There is a small, hidden gap at the bottom of the Volcano Cotopaxi that anyone who visits falls in love with because it is such anamazing place. What I love about that little lagoon is the natural surroundings, the peaceful and comforting ambience and all the memories of experiences I lived there.
The naturalsurroundings of this no-named blank located just at the bottom of the volcano Cotopaxi may take your breath away. It is a little valley between three small perfect mountains at the bottom of Volcano Cotopaxi,with a lagoon in the middle. The weather is cold and rainy but in the middle of this little valley no wind blows. “The weather near Volcano Cotopaxi oscillates in temperatures between 15 and 17 degreesCelsius”. The water of this gap is a fountain of mineral water, it’s purity and richness in minerals is amazing. It is healthier and more natural than drinking bottled water bought at the supermarket.“The principal source of mineral water which the company Guitig uses comes from the rivers falling fro the Cotopaxi Mountain.” Besides this outstanding natural environment, you can find some otherfeatures that give you peace and serenity at the lagoon.
The ambience enjoyed at this gap is unique; it is a peaceful, comforting environment that offers silence and serenity for the people who...
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