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1 Quantum Automation Platform

Modicon Telemecanique Quantum Automation Platform

CPUs selection guide

pages 1/2 and 1/3

Introduction pages 1/4 to 1/7 Backplanes 140 XBP pages 1/8 and 1/9

Quantum CPUs

140 CPU

pages 1/10 to 1/13

Power supply selection guide

pages 1/14 to 1/15

Power supply modules

140 CPS

pages 1/16 to 1/21


QuantumAutomation Platform
CPUs Selection guide


Native operating system

984 ladder logic (IEC languages require the 16 bit Concept loadable)

On-board communication ports

1 Modbus 1 Modbus Plus

On-board math coprocessor On-board processor clock speed


Intel 186 20 MHz

984 LL performance (logic solve time) IEC 1131-3 program memory (max)

0.3…1.4 ms/ K ladder logic instructions109 Kbytes

368 Kbytes

Maximum number of option interfaces supported


Total memory RAM Flash 984 LL user logic Available registers Extended memory

256 K bytes 256 K bytes 8 K bytes 10 K None

512 K bytes 256 K bytes 16 K bytes 10 K None


140 CPU 113 02

140 CPU 113 03


Integrated 984 ladder logic and 32 bit Concept IEC


2 Modbus 1 Modbus PlusYes

Intel 486 DX 80 MHz

Intel 586 DX 133 MHz

0.1 ... 0.5 ms/K ladder logic instructions

0.09 ... 0.45 ms/K ladder logic instructions

896 Kbytes

2.5 Mbytes


2 M bytes 1 M bytes 64 Kbytes 57 K 96 Kbytes

4 M bytes 1 M bytes 64 K bytes 57 K 96 Kbytes

140 CPU 434 12

140 CPU 534 14

Quantum Automation Platform
Introduction Performance, solutions


TheQuantum Automation Platform provides the right solution for your control needs with a full range of high performance, compatible control products. Its architecture is modular and scaleable, so it can be configured to meet the highest performance requirements for mid-size to large control systems. Quantum systems combine a very small form factor with industrially rugged designs that ensurecost-effective and reliable installation in even the most difficult plant environments. The systems are simple to install and configure, and they cover a wide range of applications.

Small form factor, yet high performance
With a module depth of only 104 mm (4 inches), including the field wiring, the Quantum Automation Platform represents a major improvement in panel size requirements. It fits in astandard 156 mm (6 inch) electrical cabinet, saving you up to 50% over the cost of traditional control panels. It can be mounted easily on a backplane in an industry-standard panel or rack-mounted in a 500 mm (19 inch) installation. Within this small form factor, Quantum maintains Schneider's very high standards of product performance and integrity. The Quantum Platform features: j Increased systemoutput based on very high scan rates with up to 486- and 586-based processors j Tightly integrated automation technologies including motion, ASCII, communication and process control j Redundant power supply and I/O cabling options and true Hot Standby capabilities to provide the highest system availability for critical applications j Configurable output fail states for more predictable performancein critical applications j High levels of isolation for noise immunity in electrically severe environments j High-accuracy analog I/O for tighter process monitoring and control j High-speed on/off circuits and interrupt processing for higher system performance j Hot swapping (the ability to remove and insert I/O modules under power without disturbing other operating elements) for easiermaintenance and increased system availability

A wide range of solutions
Quantum automation solutions can range from a single standalone control system of up to 448 I/O points to a multi-drop, redundantly serviced network with up to 64 000 I/O points. Connectivity to plant-level and fieldbus networks can be achieved with communication options that support over eight industry-standard networks, from...
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