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POLYLON CORP."A lot but that protection"

That my work I could say that in these moments it is the one better than I have had, I can manage my time, I don't have bosses near, in threewords it is a “vacaneria”.

My company is called Polylon and it is the only one in the country that manufactures protective in polyethylene foam, that is being used in the area likeprotective in the clusters banana.

My work is to assure or to veil for that the product works well that all are analyzed and each one the alternatives that there is for theprotection he/she gives the fruit in the field and in the plant packer.

To represent to my company in the area has been an opportunity to learn many things, for example the acoustic andthermal barriers, give that the vests are made it saves lives, the aprons give kitchen, the protectors for CD´s; our products are also used in the construction like separators expansion jointsin concrete floors.

Our products are being used by Sodimac, Home Center, Locerías Colombianas, Corona and an additional range gives establishments in the whole country.

Mypartners in each domestic area take charge that the product is known every day but, in the Eje Cafetero, the Santanderes, Bogotá, Antioquia and others.

My company was created 13 yearsago and from that time has gone growing. The factory is located in Puerto Tejada, Cauca and from there the products are sent to all our clients.

One also has a factory in Ecuador, infact to assist the necessities that there is in that country, offices they will open up in Peru and Venezuela, the contacts are already making for that.

In these moments I am makinga presentation to send to Costa Rica, there also cultivations are had banana tree, flowers and all type gives necessities for packing and it is necessary that they know our products.
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