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Ice following the sun, 
winter laughter: 
poet whenever 
dedicates him tribute. 
He waits slowly to 
switch on the high pastureland: 
gather in the meadows. 
I come frombelow, valleys 
leave frozen. 
Mountain is celebrating 
dressed in gold. 
I dadat his laughter
with longing, 
because it is sweetened 
with a special honey. 
Springs laughter 
it is crazyaloud; 
summer, lustful; 
fall, Bena; 
Ice after a clear winter night
however, is unique: 
the most female! 
He comes from afar 
for Christmas 
the old son: in the way 
everything issnowy; 
at the hearth in home 
if he hurry ups, 
see in his lips 
the sweet laughter! 
There is an injured 
in bed: death extending 
its ugly claws into him: 
by the hand ofhis beloved: 
He can not talk because
He is smiling sweetly! 
The apple orchard is sleeping 
crooked arm; 
fields, under the litter, 
Orril dreaming; 
poor bird habits 
near the roughnight; 
aizeñoa fascinated 
is tamed. 
Plums are levelled 
made up; 
at the bottom of all 
blue fog, the eyes; 
the ice breath, perhaps, 
because the sun
Have wonderful properties
to beatanything. 
Left Orexa, 
right, Altzomuño; 
everywhere vasc eco 
to the horizon... 
Dabesadan, valleys 
are all in fog! 
Dabesagun, folks: 
Eren future! 
Over moor and hills 
the bigAralar, 
Basques guard 
Mikel's Mount: 
Indents snow shinings 
I gathered, it seems 
crystallize with the holding beautiful dream 
slow in the horizon. 
Angel Yondone
winning high, 
ourbitter problem 
is having to live; 
that’s why, we pray
to the only God
we have, 
to give us strength. 
        * * * 
Ice covered all 
our Basque country; 
the loud speaking extended the new resurrection. 
In the shadows 
flowers, curious ice; 
But the sun went away 
over the high. 
The ice at the bottom. Winter 
female laughter. Humanity 
to the peak, 
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