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  • Publicado : 26 de mayo de 2011
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I believe that America is a well-adapted society. Through the information that I’ve acquired three huge factors make America such a powerhouse; its system in politics, economics, communication, thepull factor, and diversity, which I consider the most important, is remarkable. The combination of these factors forms a culture that creates this well-adapted society.
America is recognizedthroughout the world and one of the many things that America is well known for is having a good system in politics. Through politics we, the citizens of America, are able to vote for our next leader,president, and thus, having choices. Having choices is one piece of a puzzle that makes this country so great. In this country citizens are offered choices to vote between two different candidates for thepresidential office. So the bottom line is that we, the citizens, are able to run our country the way we want to. Another plus that makes America such a well-adapted society is the rights that citizenshave such as the right to vote, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion because people are able to express their ideas and thus, not rebelling against government and having peace.
Anotherfactor that contributes to America’s great society is their economic system. America is a capitalist country, which is connected to the free market system. The free market governs production anddistribution in a capitalist system. Having a free market would be an asset to this country because sellers and buyers don’t use physical force to obtain property. Also America is well known for rising upafter falling down and that just shows how strong of a society, America, has become.
In addition, communication is another component that builds a well-adapted society. In order for a society tosurvive, they need to have good communication skills, meaning, to be able to hear out people within and outside of their society. Now and days, this nation has various ways to communicate with other...