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Air Pollution

In large cities, air pollution is a result of leakage of gases of combustion engines, household appliances for heating, industry that is releasedinto the atmosphere, either as gases, vapors or particles able to stay solid in suspension, a higher than normal values, undermine the life and health, both human andanimals and plants.
This layer (the atmosphere) absorbs much radiaciónsolar and because of this leak occurs all ultraviolet rays.
The increase of carbon dioxide in theatmosphere due to burning coal and oil, leading to overheating of the air and seas, thus there is a chemical imbalance in the biosphere, producing a high amount ofcarbon monoxide carbon, highly toxic to living organisms.
The air pollution comes predominantly industrial pollution by combustion, and the main causes are the generationof electricity and the automobile. There are also other toxic substances that pollute the atmosphere such as lead and mercury. It is important that residents of largecities are aware that the ecological environment is a primary need. It should legislate on substances that can go into the atmosphere and the concentration that shouldnot be exceeded.
Polluted air affects us in our daily life, manifesting in different forms in our body, such as eye irritation and disorders in the conjunctiva,respiratory tract irritation, exacerbation of bronchial pulmonary disease, etc.
There are several ways to avoid air pollution, namely:
* Use proper fuel for domesticheating and industry.
* Use filters chimneys runs or able to discharge their duties.
* Maintain motor vehicles in good condition.
* Do not burn leaves or trash, etc..
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