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Water pollution is a relevant problem whose main cause is the large amount of pollutant agents released by industries worldwide into rivers, lakes and oceans. Theseindustrial pollutants are discharged directly or indirectly into water bodies without proper treatment to remove harmful organic and toxic substances. Organic substances consist of thosematters such as oil, and suspended sediments that enter excessively into the water damaging the aquatic ecosystem. “Sediments are scientifically considered as the most destructive elementsbecause they cause depletion in the water's light absorption by spreading dangerous compounds” (Lenntech Water treatment & purification Holding B.V, 2009). Moreover, there are toxic substances orchemical pollutants that are not natural compounds in aquatic ecosystems. These ones include radioactive wastes and nitrates from fertilizers. It has been found that “the greatest toxicpollutants are herbicides and polychlorinated biphenyls, a group of industrial chemicals used in the production of electric and paper products” (Missouri Botanical Garden, 2006). Industrialplants are not based on recycling operations which force them to discharge these wastes into natural water sources; consequently, toxic products cannot be extracted from the wastes, and theypollute the water bodies. In short, it is scientifically proved that industrial pollutant agents are the main cause of water pollution.

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