Porque nuevo leon

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  • Publicado : 10 de junio de 2011
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About Nuevo Leon
Nuevo Leon has a strategic location to access both the domestic and North American markets. Placed at the northeast of México, and only 140 miles away from the border, our State enjoys the benefits of its closeness to the United States without the disadvantages that border cities endure. Its top-quality communications network allows the efficient mobility of goods and services.Nuevo Leon’s highways and railways are connected to the principal routes and main cities and ports in the United States and Mexico. Furthermore, the State Government of Nuevo Leon is developing a highway that will cross over the United States through its own border in Colombia, Nuevo Leon.
The labor force of Nuevo Leon is widely recognized for its stability, high level of education, andcompetitiveness. Prestigious universities such as TEC de Monterrey, Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM), and the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL), offer both graduate and post graduate degrees in numerous fields. On the other hand, 213 technical schools ensure a qualified labor force for manufacture. Lastly, it is necessary to emphasize the stability of the labor force. Due to the excellentrelationship developed between companies and workers, Nuevo Leon has enjoyed almost 10 years without strikes.
Through its project Monterrey: International City of Knowledge, the State Government of Nuevo Leon set forth the objective of transforming its economy from being based in top-quality manufacture, to one based on knowledge. To achieve such purpose, the State Government has the strategy of developingclusters in strategic areas such as information technologies and software, aerospace, biotechnology and nanotechnology.
Due to its competitive advantages, Nuevo Leon is an ideal site for foreign investment. Its strategic location, its avant-garde urban infrastructure, and its stable and qualified labor force among other, position Nuevo Leon as the second State in Mexico attracting foreigncapital.
One of the Strategic Projects included in the State’s 2004-2009 Development Plan is to consolidate Monterrey and its Metropolitan Area as an International City of Knowledge, and to achieve the goal of significantly improving the well-being of society as we wholeheartedly enter into a knowledge-based economy.
The “Monterrey, International City of Knowledge” program is a great alliance betweenthe various sectors of the community, with the purpose of triggering an economy in which knowledge is created, transmitted, acquired and used with more effectiveness by its citizens and organizations, with the objective of promoting social and economic development in the community.
This is why, in November 2004, an Agreement was signed between the Nuevo Leon State Government, represented by theStrategic Projects Corporation, and the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, and the Universidad de Monterrey, to promote the “Monterrey, International City of Knowledge” Program, having the National Council of Science and Technology as a witness.
Foundation of the Research and Technology Innovation Park
The State Government, in supportof the “Monterrey, International City of Knowledge” Program, and in agreement with the National Council of Science and Technology, the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, the Monterrey Institute of Technology, and the Universidad de Monterrey, decided to establish, as their first objective, the construction and development of the first knowledge park, known as the Research and Technology InnovationPark (PIIT).
Each one of the players involved is committed to develop one part of the total construction project within the park’s physical space.
Mexico-United States Border Governors Meeting
Undoubtedly, the interaction of educational and research institutions from Mexico and the United States has a significant influence in the development of new knowledge, technology and the economic...
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