Porque quiero ser profesor en nyc

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When I think of the word teacher, I get the visual image of a person standing by a desk helping a child with their school work and helping them learn a topic the easiest way possible throughdifferent methods of learning. My own thoughts of what I believe a teacher should be, along with my life experiences and goals all contribute to why I want to be a teacher.

My thoughts of what a teachershould be formed from my own life experiences. Just like most people my first teacher or teachers where my parents. As I grew up, they taught me and my brothers many things such as walking, talking andloving one another. Some things that my parents taught me that I distinctly remember are respect and they taught me through different methods of teaching; my mother through a very loving and patientteaching, and my father on the other hand through a more understanding and stricter, but loving form.

However, my first visual of an actual “teacher” was at school. For me my elementary years runtogether, but I definitely remember my teachers. In First grade, I had Mrs. Lynch as my teacher. I can remember her being very kind and gentle, especially helping me through the adaptation process afterhaving immigrating with my parents to the United States without the English language. Second grade for me was different. I was going through the process of perfecting the English language and thuswas scared of being at school and pronouncing things the wrong way or misinterpreted by my peers. In fourth grade I had a teacher by the name of Miss Bumgarner, she was very young. Now I look back andwould say she had just graduated from college but had the best teaching style I’ve ever seen for an elementary school teacher. She had the potential and the insight necessary to make things that werecomplicated to understand at the time, easy, by using an interactive-dynamic teaching style. I would say from my past elementary school years, the one I remember most vividly is her for her teaching...
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