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Class: ingles


What is the language portfolio?

Dear Student,
This language portfolio is designed to help you understand more about how you learn English.
The portfolio can help you show what you already know and what you can do in English. With the portfolio, you’ll
have the chance tosee where your strengths and weaknesses lie and keep track of your progress. It’ll also
help you keep a record of the work you’ve done in school and the ways you come into contact with the English speaking
You can show the portfolio to your parents and to your new teachers when you change class or school.

The portfolio has three parts:
1. My language passport
This part will giveothers a general picture of your knowledge of English. You’ll be asked to think about how
many years you’ve been learning English, whether at school or elsewhere, and in which situations you use it.
You can also keep a record of language certificates and diplomas here.
2. My language biography
In this part you can record your English learning. It will help you realise what you already know andwhat
you’ve already learnt. It will also help you set goals for the future and discover the ways in which you can
learn best.
3. My dossier
This is the part where you can put some examples of work you’ve done in English. These could be pictures,
written work, projects, audio or video recordings, homework. You’ll also find some ideas that can be used in
this section.


My languagepassport
Summary of language learning and intercultural experiences

Read and answer.
How long have you been learning English?
I’ve been learning English for ._one year

Read and tick (3).
Where have you been learning English?
• at school
• at a language school
• at home
• in an English-speaking country

Where do you use English?
• at home
• at school
• with my friends
• with myfamily

Tick (3) the statements which are true for you.
I often meet people who speak English.
I watch TV programmes or films in English.
I read magazines or books in English.
I have a penfriend or e-pal from an English-speaking country.
I have visited an English-speaking country.
I have lived in an English-speaking country.

Certificates and diplomas
Here you can record any certificatesor diplomas you’ve acquired in English. These could include progress
report cards, an attestation of participation in an exchange programmer or of a language-learning stay in an
English-speaking country, for instance

Title level awarded by date


My language biography
What I have done
The schools I’vegraduated from and the school I now atten.

| | | City | country |
| |When? | | |
| | || |
|Los girasols college |2001 |Escobedo nuevo leon | mexico |

The English courses I have attended and the courses I now attend

| Institute | When? |city | country |
||NOW |Escobedo nuevo león |monterrey |
|English shool | | | |

English-speaking countries where I have lived or which I’ve visited.

|Country | When?...
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