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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2012
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Portfolio 1
Section 1 case 5student: Diana Jocelyne Ayala Fletes. Teacher: valentina Marin

Hey Jessica:

I'm glad to hear you’re interested in studying English, because it’sthe standard form of communication and it's used worldwide.

Well, at Proulex I finished my PDU course in a year. The hardest part for me was grammar, because I was so confused with past participles,but now I have learned how to recognize it. In order to fully understand, it’s important that you do your homework and ask questions when in doubt.

I hope you enjoy these courses. Please call meif there’s something I can help you with.

Diana Jocelyne Ayala Fletes. words: 112
Teacher: valentina Marin
Seccion 2case 2

Hey girls and boys, I am here to tell you this season new styles for men and women.For women. Now that is going to start the spring the new fashion style is using shorts and dresses with sandals or pumps with accessories and colorful handbags, like yellow, pink, blue,orange, etcetera.
For men. For spring they are using casual shirts and pants with sandals or sneakers
The store that I recommend you is Macy’s because there you can findeverything of new stylish for women and men, it’s kind of expensive but you are going to look amazing. if I were rich I buy the whole store.

Seccion 3
Case 2
Word 120
Teacher: Valentina Marin
DianaJocelyne Ayala Fletes

The day before of my birthday when I woke up , I went to the school and when I came back I discovered that my parent has a very important secret that they didn’t want me to...
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