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Reference: Portfolio Unit #8 (Workbook p.79)
a) Choose one of these ideas. Make notes in the table.

• Write a report for your local newspaper on how public transport facilitiesin your area could be improved

• Write a report for your local council saying how shopping, eating or leisure facilities in your town could be improved for the majority of residents

•Write a report for a college magazine saying what most people of your age group choose to spend their money on

|What the problem is |People of myage group choose to spend their money on unnecessary|
| |things |
|How youdid your research |My research is based on my experiences ,those of my friends and |
| |studiesin the internet. |
|What you suggest doing |Raise awareness on what really matters in life ||Possible results |People pay attention to what they spend |

b) Write your report.

In the world many people spend withoutcontrol and buy things that are not really necessary. Compulsive buying is called the addition or anxiety buy unnecessary things, with high price, resulting in many cases to the indebtedness of the peopleand they run out of money.

This phenomenon has seen more in young people because they will be fashionable they do not care about the price they pay. Young people are the main consumers ofdifferent products such as clothing, iPhone, cell phones, iPod, iPhone, music and other things that allow them to be fashionable and spend their money or many times is not his own money but that of their...
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