Prac lab cyclohexane

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  • Publicado : 16 de junio de 2011
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Chemical reactions of alkanes and alkenes
Purpose: 1) to demonstrate that different classes of organic molecules undergo different characteristic reactions, 2) To compare the reactivity of a singlebond vs. a double bond. Cyclohexane, cyclohexene, and bromine are pungent and toxic. Proper ventilation is necessary. Handle these chemicals, as much as possible, directly under the fume hood. Thus,when you need to add chemicals to cyclohexane and cyclohexene leave the test tubes under the fume hood and get the necessary chemical(s) from the front of the room. Return chemicals immediately afteruse so that other students will not have to look around for them. These chemicals can stain clothing & skin. If you get any chemicals on your skin wash with soap & water. At the end of the lab allchemicals should be placed in the organic waste container provided. Procedure: 1. Get a 50 mL beaker and an eyedropper (note: this eyedropper is only to be used for dispensing distilled water). Add somedistilled water to the beaker. 2. Get 8 test tubes with stoppers from the front of the room: 4 containing cyclohexane and 4 containing cyclohexene. Be careful not to mix up the tubes since the entirelab hinges on comparing the reactions of cyclohexane versus cyclohexene. Place the tubes in a test tube rack. Using tape and a ballpoint pen label the tubes ANE1, ANE2, ANE3, ANE4, ENE1, ENE2, ENE3,and ENE4. 3. Place 10 drops of distilled water in ANE1 and 10 drops of distilled water in ENE1. Stopper and shake each. Record the solubility of the chemicals in water (as soluble or insoluble) in thechart below. Take note of where the water phase is (top vs. bottom) and where the cyclohexene phase is. 4. Add 10 drops of distilled H2O to both ANE2 and ENE2. Have your instructor add 3 drops ofconcentrated H2SO4. Stopper and shake. Record your observations in the chart. 5. Add 10 drops of bromine water, Br2(aq), to ANE3 and to ENE3. Stopper and shake (for about 15 seconds). Record the colour...
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