Practique ingles attitude 2

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I Write the correct present perfect forms of the verbs in parentheses.

A 1 _______________ you _______________ (hear) from your grandfather?
B No, he 2 _______________ (not write) me for a month. I’m not worried.
A Why not?
B You know he 3 ________________ (live) in Africa for most of his life. He 4 _______________ (take) long trips around Africa since I was a child, and he neverwrites me when he’s traveling.
A I 5 _______________ (not be) to Africa. I imagine it’s beautiful.

II Circle the correct words or phrases.

A What 1 will you do / are you doing tonight?
B I’m not sure. I 2 might / will go to the movies. How about you?
A You know 3 I will study / I‘m going to study in England next year so 4 I‘m starting / I’ll start some special English classes thisevening. I imagine 5 I‘m learning / I’ll learn a lot.

III Write the correct comparative or superlative forms of the words in parentheses.

The 1 _________________ (happy) day of my life was when I was five. My father bought the
2 _________________ (expensive) tickets to a football game in the capital. We left home at four in the morning to drive to the city. We arrived 3 _________________ (early)than most of the other fans so we got good seats. The stadium was impressive. It was 4 _________________ (large) than the stadium we have at home. I don’t remember much about the game. I spent all the time watching the people and eating the 5 __________________ (delicious) hot dogs in the world.

IV Complete the conversation. Use the words or phrases in parentheses.

A 1___________________________ (ever / be / Disneyland)?
B No, I haven’t. 2 ___________________________ (still / not go / there).
A 3 ___________________________ (I / two years ago).
B Really? 4 ___________________________ (like)?
A Yes, I thought it was great.
B Maybe 5 ___________________________ (go / next year).

V Match the questions and answers.

1 Are they playing in the park? a It’s a veryromantic place.
2 What’s it like? b No, there isn’t.
3 Is there a park nearby? c She’s shy.
4 What does she look like? d She’s tall and thin.
5 What’s she like? e Yes, they are.

VI Write words or phrases from the box.

I’m not sure in the world is too much time possibly maybe

A I think basketball is more exciting than baseball because there 1 _________ between playsin baseball.
B Baseball is 2 __________ the most popular sport 3 _________.
A 4 _________ about that. I think soccer is more popular than baseball.
B 5 _________ you’re right.

VII Circle the correct words or phrases.

A I saw a great 1 sitcom / soap opera / documentary on TV the other night. It was about a man who climbed all the tallest 2 deserts / mountains / canyons in theworld.
B I saw that one. I love to 3 see / look / watch those kind of programs on TV. Did you see the one explaining how we use our 4 eyes / ears / mouth to see? It was great.
A I didn’t see that one. I had to 5 do / make / see my homework that night.

VIII Write words or phrases from the box.

attractive cold get soap operas talk show

A Did you see the interviewwith Alex Jenkins on Ralph Dorant’s 1 ____________ last night?
B No, I don’t like those shows. I prefer to watch 2 ____________.
A Really? Well, Jenkins was really sick. I think he had a bad 3 ____________. He usually looks very
4 ____________. He was also a bit overweight. I think he needs to 5 ____________ some
regular exercise.

IX Write words from the box.

back embarrassedfast food nose series

1 I don’t like my ___________. It’s too big.
2 I have a bad ___________.
3 She was ___________ when she sat on his glasses.
4 What’s your favorite TV ___________?
5 You shouldn’t eat so much ___________.

X Read the text and then circle the correct words or phrases.

Healthy Eating
A healthy diet is very important for your health. Besides...
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