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Video: Keeping the global supply chain moving

Showcases how freight moves through the supply chain, the importance of an efficient transportation system for reliable freight movement, and theimpact the transportation system has on the economy.

Start explaining that a supply chain is a massive machine that gets things where they're going across the entire planet. It's a sensitive machine,affected by dozens of factors, including weather, congestion, fuel prices, labor costs, and network conditions. Not in months or years, but in days, hours, or minutes.

The video show an example,Justine Show Store, a small shoe store in St. Louis, the knowledge and customer service have earned the loyalty of customers who could buy the same shoes online for less. Justine's shoes come from allover the world.

Justine say: ''I don't care how my shoes get here, as long as they get here when I need them... If my customers can't find shoes here, they'll find them elsewhere''. ''It's prettysimple: no shoes, no business'', Bruce Carlton

Justine's business depends on the transportation systems of 13 states and many countries, and isn't the only business that depends on domestic orglobal lines of supply. Auto makers, retail stores, power plants, factories, hospitals, gas stations, and many others rely on the global supply chain, and the multimodal transportation network thatsupports it, to keep the nation's economic engine running.

Our nation's economic competitiveness absolutely depends on a reliable transportation system. You can't have one without the other. Todayyou've heard from the business community about the importance of investment in our national transportation system.
The impact it has on local stores as well as national companies.
If the global supplychain slows down or becomes congested or stops, this can stop all the stores in the world, Hospitals will start running out of materials, gas stations of fuel, grocery stores will run out of food....
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