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  • Publicado : 17 de agosto de 2012
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Owner’s Manual Standard Features
Lifetime Warranty — This is one feature you may never use since

Clifford systems are renowned for their reliability. For as longas you own the vehicle, Clifford Electronics will repair or replace the control unit free of charge.
A Pair of Tamper-Proof ComputerKeys™ — These electronic keys arethe world’s most secure and user-friendly. They are the only keys that can’t be picked at all, whether mechanically or electronically.
280 Trillion Digital Codes —Each ComputerKey utilizes a unique digital code

selected from a code universe of more than 280 trillion digital codes. Even if a thief tries to crack the code byelectronically stepping through all the possible digital codes, it would take millions of years of constant work to crack the code! That’s security you can count on.Convenient Size, Shape and Usage — For convenient and easy insertion

even in total darkness. Any way you insert the key, it will fit. Just insert the key when youwant to start the engine, and take it with you when you park.
Incredibly Rugged — Clifford’s ComputerKeys are made to last. There’s no

battery to run down nor anymechanical parts to wear out. ComputerKeys are weather-proof, water-proof and practically indestructible.

Instant Code Learning — Unlike mechanical keys that requireexact

duplication of the key by a locksmith, you yourself may add new, off-the-shelf ComputerKeys any time or place with just a touch of a button. It’s that simple,yet it’s so secure that no thief will the able to breach it even if he has an unlimited supply of these keys.

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