Presion social o iniciativa?

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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2012
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It is often said that we give presents mainly because of social and commercial pressures. Is that the case with you?Do you feel that having no present to give at yourfriend's birthday will let him down?It might be the case,but still, there ase some others who belive that handing a present carries a very strong feeling with it: andI stick to this theory.

Evidently large businesses take advantage on special occasions to make huge sales. But ignoring the fact that there is always money backingsuch situations, I think that presents are a great opportunity to be creative and show someone how much they mean to you. In fact, sometimes you do not even need tobuy something; you can just play with your imagination! I remember I once gave my moma poster with different drawings I made of us together and I think se has everliked anything else that much.

Perhaps it is just in human nature to get attached to material things and maybe one of the reasons to this, is that they remind us of amoment or a person. Have you got any personal belongings from someone beloved? How important are these to you? Usually we keep certain items, which somehow remind us ofour identity, for example, and old album of our ancestors. And maybe that is what a gift is all about: immortalizing a moment with your signature on it.

So all inall, despite the social and commercial pressures we face throughout our lives, in my opinion a gift carries a much deeper meaning to what it seems. So what can make apresent the perfect one? I think it is the willingness to show someone how special that momento is and why it is worth reminding them of such an occasion for years.
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