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Sleeping Beauty

Aurora (princess) "light" Felipe (Prince) "mesh"
Flora (Fairy) "jocelyn" Fauna (fairy) "Isabel Quirino"
Spring(fairy) "pretty lame" Maleficent (bad fairy) "Marco Antonio"
Papa "Michelangelo" Mama "dora" Narrator "Uriel"
Narrator: it is dayin a castle, a king sad about not having a son or daughter tells his wife.
KING - Dear Queen and my wife. It's been many years and our dream of having a son or daughter has not been met. And I amvery sad.
  QUEEN "Your sadness will last a very short time because I have a surprise for you. Soon will be born our son or our daughter, who will be the future king or the queen of this land. (King,with signs of joy)
  KING - What has pleased me this great news! I'm the happiest king! (King embraces the queen)
  NARRATOR - And it was not long and the queen gave birth to a baby girl. Thebirth of joy filled the two kings. 3 Enter the castle and fairies are grabbing the princess to give gifts.
Flora: I give the gift of beauty.
Fauna: I the song.
Narrator: a terrible wind comesbefore Spring her gift, is the evil bad fairy.
Maleficent: I have a gift (she evil) before you turn age 16 you pricking your finger with a needle and you'll fall dead.
Spring (to the princess) when hedoes not die you will fall into a deep sleep from which you can only wake to the kiss of a handsome young man.
Narrator: fairies and princess disguised themselves as farmers and went to the woodswhere they raised the princess and changed its name to Rose, lived many years in the forest.
Flora: (Explain to pink), pink, do not have to talk to strangers that run many risks.
Fauna: pink, floragreat peril right talking to strangers.
Narrator: fairies sent to pink in the woods looking for berries, he found the forest animals and a handsome young man.
***(The animals took the clothes of...
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