Procrastination essay

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Procrastination Essay
Procrastination refers to the act of replacing high priority things with task of low priority, and putting off important task to a later time, people put things off becausethey don’t want to do them. Most of the people love the rush of doing thing’s late; it’s like a “disease”. Everyone procrastinate, its part of being human. It is a habit that has some specific origin,and it is a habit that you can overcome. Try to be gentle with yourself. Punishing yourself every time realizing that has put something off, won't help people to change. Rewarding yourself when itsprogress will.

Puerto Rican person tends to be more lazy than common. Always leave things for another time. Without realizing that they are letting so many things to come that in the end theyfinish doing double duty. When that day comes where they get to do all those things, they get angry and feels hurry. Like my mom said: “Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today”.

People useto let all things for later. Believe it or not, they procrastinate unconsciously, it’s in us to let thing for later. People believe that procrastinating give us time to do other things. It’s notthat everyone give little priority to the important things; otherwise there is always something that distracts us. And they decided to let what we’re doing for later.

An example ofprocrastinating it’s when someone is doing homework and watching television at the same time. At the same moment he stay watching television and postpone the homework. Sometimes people do it for laziness, as whenyour mom says ‘throw the garbage’ and they say, ‘I will do it later’. Some of the reasons that people procrastinate include, fear to be alone because they don’t want to skip being hanging out withfriends thinking that they are going to reject them. Other reason is fear of failure because if they are scared that a particular homework, handouts or project isn't going to turn out well, then...
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