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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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Reportera : A
Persona X: B
Astar Kutcher: C

Bueno el contexto es el siguiente:
Una reportera ha asistido al avant premiere de la película “ amigos con derecho” y esta en la puertadel cine esperando a que salgan los asistentes, primero sale un señor cualquier y lo entrevista, luego sale Astor Kutcher al cual también entrevista. Luego simplemente termina y se va.
A:Good evening New York!!!! Today, 28th March, we are in the avant premier of the movie “ NO STRINGS ATTACHED”. It´s a romantic-comedy. Acts where the famous Astor Kutcher and the famous actressNatalie Portman. This movie is directed and produced by Ivan Reitman. This movie has high expectations this year and is one of the most awaited.
Oh!! The movie is over. The people begin to leave.
Excuseme. Hi, I am reporter. Tell me… Did you like the movie?
B: Yes, I did like. The movie was fantastic. Very, very good movie. It was wonderful; this movie is the best romantic comedy I saw.
A: Tellus, what was the scene that you like?
B: Well, I liked the scene in which Adam realizes he is in love with Emma. I felt so happy about it.
A: and, why do you like?
B: Because, I identified. Iexperienced the same thing 3 years ago. (ajaja)
A: ajaja. Ok. And Volverias a ver la pelicula?
B: yeah. I am going to see it next weekend with my girlfriend.
A: Ok. Thankz for his comment.
B: Ok. Bye!see you.
A: Oh my god! There is Astor Kutcher. Hi Astor. How you feel after watching your movie?
C: Hello! I feel so happy. I really liked the movie. I feel so proud of the workwe did. I want to thank everyone for their support, my mate Natalie Portman, producer, editor, my manager, the cameraman, and above all the public.
A: You are very Happy. The movie was amazing. Tellme a little about the movie
C: Well, I play a young man named Adam. he does not want to have more loving relationships. One day, he meets Emma, she was an old friend. they start dating without...
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